Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Full Day

Wow.  I almost cannot say anything else, but I'll try.  Among today's events:

- We found "the house" to purchase
- it was discovered that the house we are renting has a good deal of mold in the crawl space.
- Husband is 95% sure he's getting a fantastic promotion
- decided to homeschool son

Just, wow.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


There has been a great deal of bad news lately. Thankfully none of it has involved me directly, just people around me that I care about. I was wondering what I could write about that wouldn't be the "downer" stuff and I thought I must have some picture I could share. I realized I have lots and lots of pictures that I've never shared and I chose this one for today. In August we took a trip to the Bahamas. While there we indulged in a meal at Mesa Grill. If any of you are fans of Food Network you will know of Bobby Flay. (The kids and I have become fans in the past few months.). Bobby Flay owns Mesa Grill; that fact is what drew us to the restaurant. I don't think I can convey how much we enjoyed our meal. Each item we tried was unique from anything we've eaten anywhere else, and everything was perfect. Even a simple thing like corn was over the top delicious. It seemed to be seasoned - I'm guessing here - with lime and cayenne pepper, was blackened and had a sprinkling of goat cheese over it. I never dreamed something as simple as corn could be so delicious! We were dressed better than this at dinner. I didn't bring my camera to dinner so we went back the next day to take the picture.

Friday, September 12, 2014

A friend of ours has been deeply entrenched in sin for a long time.  He appears to be on the brink of  giving in fully to Satan.  I think this is the saddest thing I have ever witnessed because it has terrible, eternal consequences.  It is unfathomable to me that someone could choose to reject the gift of eternal life, especially so knowingly.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The kids are in their third week of school,  and the germs have begun to be passed around.  My daughter was home sick today.  A friend told me she and her husband were sick for 10 days, on and off.  I sure hope it doesn't last that long for my daughter as she cannot miss that much school!

We found a house we like today.  I don't know if we are still too early to work things out with our lease, but I'm going to talk with the realtor tomorrow about possibly making an offer.  As far as we can tell this house has no cats, mice or rabbits (all of which inhabit other homes we've liked.)  I don't relish the idea of moving again, but it must be done.  I am going to have to get rid of some things, a process which is very difficult for me.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Yesterday I cleaned up more mouse droppings, so Eric stopped at the store and picked up a bunch of mouse traps.  He set 4 traps last night.  We were surprised this morning to find not a single mouse.

This afternoon I left the pantry door open while working in the kitchen. Forrest (our dog) sprung a trap when he went to investigate the peanut butter on it!  He escaped unscathed but with a healthy respect for mouse traps!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Fish or cut bait

I think it's time I either write or quit blogging.  I'm going to try to write something every day.  If I cannot come up with anything to say I'll quit.

We are dealing with mice again.  The evidence tells us this house was infested before we moved in.  Therefore, when our lease is up we will be moving again.  That, unfortunately, is still 6-1/2 months away.  Nevertheless we have begun looking at houses, thinking we will buy again rather than rent.  We found a house that seemed perfect.  It had the exact number of rooms we want, a layout we liked and a nice swimming pool.  As we walked through the interior we were becoming more and more convinced that this was the house for us.  So we began carefully inspecting the back yard and pool.  Then, just as we were concluding that this house was darn near perfect, our realtor turned in the paperwork to the page titled "Seller's Disclosures" (or something to that effect.). There, in the seller's own handwriting, was the revelation that they "had" a mouse infestation. (Now resolved, they claim.) That was the end of that love affair!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dear Shooter

Dear Shooter,

In the note you left you said you were sorry, you knew what you were about to do was selfish.  I wonder, were you apologizing only to the people you were about to kill?  Did you realize how wide a swath of pain you were going to leave in your wake?

Did you have any idea how completely you were going to devastate the family of the girl you thought you loved?  That her mother's heart would, in her own words, break into a million pieces?   That the loss of Daddy's little girl would extinguish the light from his eyes?  That you were taking her sister's best friend and room mate?  Did you think about the fact that these sisters planned to graduate together? That now the surviving sister will have to take that walk alone?  That someday when she gets married the girl who without a doubt would have been her maid of honor won't even be there?

Did you have any idea of the larger family that would be affected by the loss of this girl who was surely the bright light of the family?  The grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who would be heartbroken both on their own and for the pain of the immediate family which they can do nothing to soothe?

Surely you did not think about the hundreds of friends who would also feel powerless to help the grieving family in any real way.  You probably did not realize how we will remember you in the future when our own children begin to date; how your memory will create a nagging fear inside of us as we wonder if the man our daughter is dating might turn on her, as you did on this beautiful girl.  Or if the girl our son is dating might need protection from someone like you, and if our son might be her protector as the young man you murdered was trying to be.

Did you think about that young man's family?  Did you think about how searing their loss would be when they learned that the reason their son and brother was killed was that he was good and honorable?  Did you think for a second about the fact that this young man was trying to protect the girl you claimed to love?  Did you think about the larger family and the circle of friends of this family?

Did you think about the other young man you intended to kill?  When you wrote the note you did not know that you would not find him.  You could not have imagined the hell this man is now living in. That he would attend the funerals of two friends in a week - friends who were killed by another man whom he considered a friend.  How he would overcome his fear to speak at their funerals.  These things you could not have known, but did you think about his family, since you intended also to rob them of a son and brother?

 Did you do the math and realize how many hundreds of people were going to be hurt by the actions you were about to take?

And what about your own family?  Did you give any thought to the fact that their grief is coupled with the horrific knowledge that their son is responsible for the grief of hundreds of others?

No shooter, you could not have thought about these things.  I have to believe that if you had thought about all of the people you were about to destroy you would have realized your intended actions went far beyond selfishness.  I have to believe this realization would have stopped you.